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A famous clarinet and saxophone player from Moscow, Valery Kiselyov is one of the most interesting and energetic representatives of the jazz tradition in Russian music. The number of jazz standard arrangements he produced has long been claiming a place in the Guinness World Records. Indeed, the variety of concert programs Valery has prepared with his favorite Classic Jazz Ensemble is hard to match.

Classic Jazz Ensemble

Despite any changes in the line-up of musicians, you will recognize the signature sound of both the Ensemble and Valery Kiselyov himself as soon as the music starts playing. While preparing programs dedicated to his icons Benny Goodman or Duke Ellington, Valery does not attempt to simulate their performance. Instead, he delicately preserves the spirit of their masterpieces, making one more declaration of love to these giants of world jazz.

Michael Green (annotation to the "Seven Blissful Moments in August" CD)


During the 70s and 80s he was leading the saxophone section in major Moscow orchestras, including the jazz orchestras of Oleg Lundstrem and Anatoly Kroll, as well as the Big Concert Orchestra of the State TV and Radio.

Valery Kiselyov took part in numerous jazz festivals, both in Russia and abroad. In 1992 he played the lead saxophone in Natalie Cole's orchestra.

Valery graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, clarinet class of professor Vladimir Sokolov.
In 1992 Valery Kiselyov established a jazz quartet that later became the Classic Jazz Ensemble. From 1993 to 1998 Kiselyov's quartet was the staff band of the Russian state TV and radio company "Ostankino". The Ensemble actively participates both in concerts and in studio recordings for the radio and TV.

Jazz programs of Valery Kiselyov are broadcasted by such radio stations as Echo of Moscow, Radio of Russia, Mayak, Orfey and others. Today the Ensemble's repertoire comprises about a thousand classical jazz compositions arranged by Kiselyov. It also includes popular music and world hits from the 20s to the 70s.

The line-up of musicians in the Classic Jazz Ensemble depends on the actual jazz project they are engaged in and varies from a duet to an octet.

Different projects of Valery Kiselyov involve well-known Moscow musicians:

Dmitry Jakovlev - piano, keyboard
Alexandr Posdeev - guitar
Stanislav Medvedev - contrabass
Igor Jamplosky - percussions


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